The Hotel Villa Diodoro is a few steps away from the enchanting town of Taormina and it is open all the year; it is the “home” for those that want to enjoy the best of life, relaxing in the beautiful swimming pool in front of the unique view of Etna and the charm of the Bay of Naxos. With more than a century of history, the hotel Villa Diodoro, monument among the monuments, has been dedicated to the greek historian Diodorus, a famous person who lived in the city, telling in his writings about those gentlemen that discovered Taormina, coming there from all over the world to drink beauty and sun, art and culture. The Hotel Villa Diodoro was designed in the late’ 60s and inaugurated in 1970; even today, it is a charming hotel, stylish, exclusive, designed to make your stay an unforgettable event.

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