In Sicily the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was worshipped in a temple on Mount Erice. From here she watched over sailors and travelers with a huge bonfire that was lit every night. The place was known for its priestesses celebrating love offering themselves to travelers. From here her favourite son, Cupid, launches his arrows making all those, who are hit, fall in love.

Sicily is also the place where the god of the underworld, Hades, madly in love, abducted Persephone, the beautiful daughter of Demeter, goddess of fertility, while she was picking flowers on the shores of Lake Pergusa. The mother obtained from the gods that her daughter for six months a year could come back to Sicily and that’s why in spring the island is covered with green lawns and beautiful flowers.

On this island the memory of Arethusa is still vivid in Syracuse, where she was turned into a source and eternally embraced by Alpheus, the young man in love with her to the point of abandoning human life just to stay next to the beloved.

Where could you find a better place for a romantic wedding?

STS organizes weddings in the most beautiful places in Sicily. We take care of the choice of the right location together with the clients, we contact the authorities and organize the wedding itself.

If you are already married but want to renew your marriage vows STS organizes a particularly romantic ceremony.

Here are some suggestions for both weddings and for the renewal of marriage vows:

Corleone is about an hour's drive from Palermo in the inner part of Sicily. The city, worldwide known for the film The Godfather, and for having given birth to some of the most brutal mafia bosses of our time, was also the site of an episode that has given rise to as many as 27 weddings of Danish citizens.

In 1997, the Danish journalist Mario Riewerts was visiting Corleone. The only city hotel was fully booked and so, in looking for accommodation, the reporter turned to the owner of the bar on the square. "You can sleep with me," the man invited him, and for three days Riewerts took advantage of the warm hospitality of Giuseppe Ruggiero, complete with full board and guided tour of the city. This unexpected, friendly welcome made a deep impression and on his return to home, he told his adventure to all the friends. In this way a long history of friendship between Corleone and Denmark began. Two of his friends, impressed by his story, decided to get married in Corleone. A decision that aroused enormous interest among Danish and Italian journalists who came to the town to follow the ceremony. At the end of it the couple planted an olive tree in what subsequently was called Square Denmark. Today the olive trees are many - as many as the couples who have got married here.

Weddings are celebrated or in the town hall or in the convent of Sant'Agostino. A romantic alternative is the Ficuzza Castle with its park which is located within the great forest twenty minutes from Corleone. After the ceremony the couple will plant an olive tree in the square Denmark.

Mondello beach has been appointed among the 10 most romantic beaches in the world by an Australian magazine, and observing the beautiful turquoise water and the fine white sand you can not but agree.

STS organizes all kinds of ceremony on the beach, from elegant feasts with many guests on a wooden platform with a coverage for the sun to intimate ceremonies for only two people under an umbrella. You can also choose a ceremony on the balcony of the beautiful bathing establishment in Art Nuveu style with a view stretching over the whole Gulf of Mondello. Afterwards you can make a big or small reception in the exclusive restaurant Alle Terrazze inside the plant.

STS takes care of all your needs from the contact with the authorities, the booking of the venue, flowers, music, confetti, photos, videos etc

Palermo offers several solutions for a romantic wedding. The City owns two facilities which are free to use: Villa Trabia, an old aristocratic house within a large park, and an old foundry very well restored in front of the ancient port of Palermo, la Cala.

There is also the possibility of doing a religious wedding in one of the beautiful churches in Palermo if one party is Catholic. There is another possibility: to ask a Protestant priest to move to a location of your choice.

Most of the time the request for a ceremony to renew the marriage vows is associated with a significant anniversary for the couple. Often even people who had attended the original wedding will be able to participate, and generally the couple will have children and grandchildren with them. We will involve everyone in the ceremony for the reading of texts and poems, they can act as "witnesses" and "Bridesmaids”. The choice of locations is very free since no particular documents or officiating person is needed. STS creates the frame and agrees with the bride and groom the details of the ceremony, that can replicate a real wedding with flowers, music, and photographer, but can also be celebrated in great intimacy.

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